50-year-old Richard J. Aguirre, a former detective and Pasco Police officer Of the Year, entered his plea Tuesday in Franklin County Superior Court.

He is accused of raping a woman at his home in Pasco last November. The woman said she had been staying with him for the night, and while sharing the same bed, she placed a heavy blanket between them as a "barrier."

She admitted due to alcohol consumption she had difficulty resisting what she said were sexual advances made by Aguirre and she could not push him away or say no, resulting in the sexual assault.

His DNA taken from saliva found on the blanket between him and the woman was taken as evidence in the sexual assault, and produced a "hit" in the CODUS database. It linked him to the 1986 murder of a Spokane prostitute, Ruby Doss. Her murder is still considered a cold case.

Aguirre's attorney says his client may have had a relationship with the woman when he was stationed at Fairchild Air Force base at that time, in Spokane.

Aguirre will be due back in court June 2nd. Part of his stipulations are he is not to travel outside Benton or Franklin Counties.