Meet Gallows, a 20-year-old SuicideGirl from Ohio who says seeing dead turtles on the road makes her sad and that she enjoys a good mustache.

Name: Gallows

Age: 20

Location: Ohio

Into: Choonimals clothing, Drop dead clothing, Victorias Secret, animals and animal rights, stars and galaxies, music, tattoos and whatnot, candles, honeysuckle, glitter, stamps, my amazing boyfriend, family, friends, wax seals

Not into: Animal cruelty, Sarah Palin and pretty much all Republicans, drugs, smoking, bad or slow and show offish drivers, drama

Makes me happy: Hanging out with my boyfriend, family and friends, stepping outside and smelling honeysuckle and air, mustaches, reading, pen pals, candles, animals

Makes me sad: Death, people crying and being sad, animals being hurt, not getting any mail,  seeing people fall down, animals on the side of the road, dead turtles on the road, how much I miss my dog and other family members

Hobbies: Pen pals, reading

Five things I can’t live without: Animals, family, Joshua, friends, books

Vices: Biting my fingernails

I spend most of my free time: Reading and hanging with my boy and friends

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