Red cards and a Federal corner (ass)kick for three men and a woman way offsides in the box.

From the Associated Press:

The Washington State Gambling Commission said its agents have arrested four people in an illegal soccer betting ring in Wenatchee.

The commission said it had received complaints about gambling at several businesses, and the investigation determined that at least five, including a taco restaurant, were facilitating or accepting bets on Mexican matches.

Authorities said the ring was accepting hundreds of bets each week, with the leader keeping up to $2,000 each week – nearly one-third of the wagered money. Agents made the arrests last Thursday and Friday. They seized two vehicles and more than $65,000 in cash and froze nearly $128,000 in bank accounts.

Those arrested included three men, ages 52, 43 and 49, who have been charged with second-degree professional gambling, leading organized crime and criminal profiteering. A 53-year-old woman was booked on a gambling charge.

It was not immediately clear whether the defendants had obtained attorneys.

Time to put those much practiced "I'm in agony and I'm going to roll around in phantom pain on the grass" skills to the test, people. It'll probably go over in court as well as it does on the pitch --as in, it doesn't.

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