Shortly after Queensryche's Geoff Tate heard that American Idol's James Durbin was going to sing the band's song, "Take Hold of the Flame" to his new bride, Heidi Lowe, at their wedding reception on New Year's Eve, he started making arrangements to join the festivities.

Known to representatives, but unbeknownst to James and Heidi, Geoff and his wife, Susan, flew from Seattle to Northern California for the big surprise. The Durbins walked into the reception where Geoff quickly introduced himself.

A dream come true for James, both he and Geoff hit the stage and sang "Take Hold of the Flame' together with Heidi just a few feet away.

A truly memorable evening, indeed, for the newlyweds who had publicly stated that the song was one of their favorites.

Check out the Video for "Take Hold of the Flame" below! Classic

Durbin Family

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