If you’re an ad agency struggling to come up with a campaign that motivates, stimulates, and instigates, just throw some boobs into the mix.

The firm responsible for driving registration and enlistment into the German Crafts union did just that when they produced T-shirts featuring the union’s logo and slogan above a beautiful busty woman whose chest is “completed” via one’s voluptuous buttcheeks.

While the rump/bust combos pictured below work, things can get dicey when dealing with a real man’s un-manscaped cushions. Despite that unsightly vision, the promotion has earned the agency a CLIO nomination – the ad industry’s version of the Oscars.

Sure, the shirts are clever, but how effective will they be? Are handymen really happy to have their hineys ogled like hooters? Seems like it could end an involuntary pipe clogging.




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