On August 3rd, friends, families and fitness buffs from around the northwest will converge on the Horn Rapids  ORV Park to take part in the Tire Factory Black Widow Mud & Sun Run. If you're planning on testing your skills we're gonna help you get ready to run with the mud.

If you're wondering "how do I get into shape for a mud run?" then we're here to help. Now most mud runs are a race and even though you'll be timed at The Black Widow Mud Run we're dubbing our event a CHALLENGE. So to get ready for your mud run challenge make sure to follow the recommendations below:

  • Run three to four days each week
  • Increase mileage by about 10 percent on one long run during each week
  • Cross train on non-running days
  • Allow for ample rest and stretching
  • Practice a balanced diet that is high in lean protein

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