The 2014 Black Widow Mud & Sun Run is a 5+ mile obstacle course guaranteed to make you muddy, sweaty and sore! We just learned that American Rock Products has agreed to provide MORE MUD!

We hold this annual race at the Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex -- which is already made of sand and dirt.

The first part of the course is a lot of running to get you warmed up for the mile-long tire run. It's not really a mile, but it is over a 100 yards of tires. Ready for the calf burn?

Next we make you get dirty in the motorsports track. Don't worry, we'll spray you off... with fire hoses.

Next comes the sun run -- with tons of climbing obstacles. We've got you going over walls, under fish nets, up cargo nets, over hail bails and more.

Last year we put the finish line on top of a huge mound just to be sadistic. Maybe we'll do it again, maybe we'll think of something worse!

Afterwards you can rinse off and enjoy a complimentary beverage in the beer garden along with a race roll from Great Harvest Bread Company.

Bring a team and wear costumes!