Detroit rockers Ghosts of August are unleashing their hard-hitting new single ‘Scars’ and we have your first look at the brand new music video for the song right here on Loudwire.

“Scars is the quintessential sound of Ghosts of August,” says frontman Dave Holowchak. “It’s heavy but it also has feeling. The new single really captures all of that and the video is the visual aesthetic to that sound. It will allow the listener to not only feel the emotion and edge but to see it as well. We are excited as hell to release this video and can’t wait to share it with everyone on!”

The Detroit-based band first gained the attention of rock stations across the country with their first single ‘Disease’ and are going big with ‘Scars,’ the second single from their self-titled debut album (available at iTunes). In the new music video, the quintet take the smart route by keeping it simple and letting the music be the star. The clip shows GOA performing the song in an empty warehouse-type setting that is immediately evocative of their native Motor City.

If you like what you see in the video, be sure to check out Ghosts of August in concert. The band has dates scheduled from late March through late June. In the meantime, check out the premiere of Ghosts of August’s ‘Scars’ video below:

Watch Ghosts of August’s ‘Scars’ Video [Exclusive  Premiere]