This is no way to win a woman's heart (or protect her face).

Pete Kozma of the St. Louis Cardinals hit a home run off Heath Bell of the Arizona Diamondbacks at Chase Field in Phoenix on Tuesday night. A guy in the center field stands was in position to make a play on the home run ball, but he moved and the home run ball hit the woman sitting behind him right in the side of the face. (View video of the painful incident above.)

The Cardinals won the game, 6-1, but this guy lost badly. Here's what happens next: just like the girl who got clocked by that foul ball in Houston a few years ago after her boyfriend moved out of the way, this guy will get outed on national TV and have to change his name and start watching ultimate frisbee or something less dangerous.

It's ballpark etiquette that has nothing to do with gender roles. If a ball is hit at you, catch it, knock it down, protect your vital organs, whatever, but you should not run away from it like it was an attack drone. Man up a little dude! And, get your lady friend a steak for that bruise (and maybe some flowers and a new boyfriend).