Judging from his picture, he looks like he fits the Cookie Monster family.

36-year-old Camden Ducharme of Salem is in jail facing counterfeiting charges after several incidents in February involving fake money.

Salem, OR police say they got a call from several Girl Scout troops. Twice, during cookie sale events at the local Walmart, Ducharme allegedly passed fake $20 bills to purchase cookies, and was given real money in return.

Parents who were counting the money later realized 2 of the $20 bills were obviously fake and called police. Using surveillance images from the time of the incidents, officers were able to ID Ducharme. He was confronted and arrested when he returned later to the same Walmart on Sunday.

Besides the 'low blow' of defrauding Girl Scouts, he's look at more serious counterfeiting charges, including forgery and theft. Officials are investigating to determine if he passed funny money anywhere else.

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