Monday evening, Gov. Jay Inslee laid out plans for his Stay at Home Executive Order concerning COVID-19.

Inslee told the state around 5:30PM that starting in "48 hours" (Wednesday) businesses that are deemed "non-essential" will be closed. He also made the following points as to what the order means:

  • It does not mean we cannot go outside.  Limited outside recreation such as walking or riding a bike is allowed. What is not allowed are multiple person basketball or other 'team' sports. Some local activity is allowed.
  • Limited travel is allowed, to Doctor appointments or groceries or gas. People are asked to limit these as much as possible.
  • No gatherings of any size permitted for any sporting, religious or other activity including funerals or weddings. Those will have to be postponed. Graduations as well.
  • The shut down will last two weeks from Wednesday.
  • It will be enforceable, much like Oregon's.  If people are found to be gathered or participating in multi-person events, there can be potential misdemeanor charges.
  • the list of 'essential' businesses includes the following areas:
  •  health care, emergency services, food and agriculture, energy, water and sewage treatment, transportation, information technology, hazardous materials, financial services, chemical, and defense-industrial sectors.
  • it also includes media
  • Restaurants may continue to operate if they have delivery or pick-up services.

ALSO- some restaurants will begin closing as well as other non-essential services within 48 hours. We will continue to monitor the situation as more information becomes available.

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