There’s nothing better than seeing a band you love in a small club where you can feel every little bit of energy coming from the stage. That’s what a group of lucky Green Day fans got Monday night (Aug. 6) in Los Angeles as the band staged a secret show at the Echoplex.


The group made the most of their allotted time, working in 24 tracks for the sweaty but enthusiastic audience. The group kicked off the show with ‘Welcome to Paradise’ before amping up the crowd with ‘American Idiot.’ Then came the new songs. ‘Nuclear Family’ was first up, and seemed like a perfect fit with ‘American Idiot’ as the drum sounds from Tre Cool appeared similar in style.

‘Stay the Night’ and ‘Carpe Diem’ followed before the crowd stepped it up a notch with their enthusiasm for Green Day’s current single, ‘Oh, Love.’ The group then mixed in a few classics like ‘J.A.R.’ and their Operation Ivy cover ‘Knowledge’ with new live favorites like ‘Wild One’ and ‘Kill the DJ.’

The evening ended strong with a string of favorites like ‘She,’ ‘Brain Stew,’ ‘St. Jimmy,’ and ‘Holiday’ before finishing out the night with their new favorite curse track, ‘It’s F– Time,’ for an encore.

Fan shot footage of several songs have found their way online, but as with a lot of fan-shot concert footage, the audio and video quality can be a little distorted. Check out ‘Kill the DJ,’ ‘Wild One,’ and ‘Nuclear Family’ below.

Watch Green Day’s ‘Kill the DJ’ from Los Angeles’ Echoplex
Watch Green Day’s ‘Wild One’ from Los Angeles’ Echoplex
Watch Green Day’s ‘Nuclear Family’ from Los Angeles’ Echoplex
Green Day Aug. 6 Los Angeles Echoplex Set List:

1. ‘Welcome to Paradise’

2. ‘American Idiot’

3. ‘Nuclear Family’

4. ‘Stay the Night’

5. ‘Carpe Diem’

6. ‘Oh, Love’

7. ‘Murder City’

8. ‘Hitchin’ a Ride’

9. ’2000 Light Years Away’

10. ‘Knowledge’

11. ‘J.A.R.’

12. ‘Wild One’

13. ‘Dominated Love Slave’

14. ‘Kill the DJ’

15. ‘Let Yourself Go’

16. ‘Christie Road’

17. ‘She’

18. ‘Longview’

19. ‘Brain Stew’

20. ‘St. Jimmy’

21. ‘Holiday’

22. ‘Give Me Novacaine’

23. ‘Stray Heart’


24. ‘It’s F— Time’

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