A newly married couple say their wedding day was ruined by a "social media wh--e” who couldn't resist posting pics on Facebook.

Taking to Reddit's AITA thread, an outraged groom explained how his bride's mother-in-law single-handedly ruined the "happiest day of their lives" with just a few clicks.

"My mom is a social media wh--e and has to post everything," the groom wrote. "My wife had one request about her wedding. Other than the bridal party, no one was to see the wedding dress."

"My mom kept trying to get my wife to post it for her friends on Facebook because she said everyone wanted her to do it," the man continued. "She was mad that she didn't even get to post pictures of my wife trying on a different wedding dress and at least allow her to post the rejects. My wife said no, and my mom was pissed."

After several failed attempts at sharing wedding dress images, the mother-in-law decided to leverage color choices and "insisted on wearing white."

"My wife said F this and put the whole wedding party in white," he continued, "including the mothers and grandmothers."

On their wedding day, things took a turn for the worse.

"The day of the wedding, my mom took a candid shot of my wife getting her veil ready and posted it about 30 minutes before the wedding started," the groom (now husband) shared, adding that his mother tagged everyone in the photo, including the father of the bride.

"My wife wanted to surprise him just as much as me getting the first look of her dress while he walked her down the aisle," the man explained.

The couple had hired two photographers to capture their day, including — and especially — the first look.

Unfortunately, the tagged photo made the rounds before the bride made her way down the aisle.

"This was important to my wife. Her dad saw himself tagged in the photo, so instead, he saw his daughter on Facebook. My wife didn't find out until after the ceremony because [of] last-minute preparation," the man continued.

The betrayal left him livid, and he ultimately kicked his mom out of the wedding ceremony, uninviting her to the reception.

"My younger sister and my dad also left, along with a few family members," he added. "My brother and I covered for the mother of the groom dance by leading an impromptu chicken dance to lighten the mood. The DJ was super awesome and filled in the spaces with fun songs, so at least the reception wasn't a total bummer."

The wedding day snap caused a family catastrophe and the man doesn't "even want my mom in my life now because what she did was petty and selfish."

"She pulled, 'Well, maybe my FIL shouldn't have had his phone on him, and my wife shouldn't have been such a stuck-up diva about her dress,'" the groom explained.

For now, he has "no interest in continuing a relationship with my mom at this point."

"My dad thinks I should put this behind me because it's 'typical women drama,' but I told him it wasn't and mom's just petty, and what she does is not normal at all."

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