Good news for Guns N’ Roses fans who are anxious to get their hands on a new album. From the sound of things, the band will have new music out sometime within the new year. One thing they know for sure is the turn around time won’t take quite as long as it did with their last album, ‘Chinese Democracy.’

“I just see us making a record much quicker, because, in hindsight, a lot of what happened with ‘Chinese Democracy,’ we could get around now,” GN’R's bassist Tommy Stinson tells Phoenix News Times. “Mostly what happened with that record — why it took so long — was we just had no help from the record company whatsoever. [Axl] got zero f—ing help from anyone outside the band to f—ing do it. You know, it just got stupider and stupider as the record company kept throwing bad A&R guys [at us] or producers like Roy Thomas Baker who made things sound better, but that wasn’t what we needed.

“We needed someone to help us f—ing sew it up,” Stinson continues. “He came in f—ing re-recorded everything five f—ing times with every amp in the country. I just don’t think that was something that was really important to making a record, that could have been taken care of in the mix.”

The time spent working on the album and talking about its release was such a lengthy process that the band noticed many changes occurring around them within the music industry.

“Sadly, the help that was needed to try and capitalize [on] what could have been the biggest record of the f—ing end of the industry as we know it, they just squandered it,” Stinson says. “Interscope didn’t really get on board, and recognize that sh–’s changing pretty fast, and we can’t really keep up with it. [They should have thought] ‘We’ve got this record over here, the must anticipated record in f—ing forever, and we should really be helping this guy out to get this thing together.’ Never happened. That sh– happens every day to lots of band. But if you’re Guns N’ Roses, do something before everything really hits the sh—er, I think you’d want to take advantage of that, especially considering the amounts of money they could have made.”

The end result of ‘Chinese Democracy’ wasn’t what the band was hoping it would be, but at the end of the day, it’s still their work. “The stupid thing was, it was pulled out of [Axl's] hands,” Stinson says of their previous collection of tunes. “He was already ready to give it up, but there were a few minor things that meant a lot to him artistically, but they pulled it out of his hands anyway. What was another couple f—ing weeks waiting for the artwork? I mean really? That’s what it came down to. That’s just too bad. The whole thing is a disappointment, considering how much time everyone put into it.

“I still think it’s a great record,” notes Stinson. “I think it will go down as being a great record down the line. Compare it lyrically to past GN’R records, where his head was at and what he was trying to get out with the record, [and] I think there’s some significantly deep, thought-out stuff. Down the road people will see that.”

Next week, Guns N’ Roses will wrap their tour dates for 2011 with stops in Arizona and Nevada. Click here to see a complete list of those dates, as well as where the band will be performing in the new year.