This so could be, must-see Coug TV.

Washington State is in the running with Arizona State, Alabama and Penn State for a college level HBO docuseries based on their popular "Hard Knocks" franchise.

Nick Saban is boring. Mike Leach is not. Penn State is still controversial, Herm Edwards at Arizona State has been on TV too much already. There. It's settled. Go Cougs!

Arizona State's first reported Tuesday morning, then later clarified with a site affiliated with Penn State, HBO has chosen four college football programs – WSU, Arizona State, Penn State and Alabama – to be highlighted in a show that’ll air later this football season.

The show is expected to include many of the same unfiltered, uncut reality show elements as “Hard Knocks” – the killer HBO/NFL Films show, now in its 14th season featuring the Oakland Raiders, following one NFL team through training camp every season, offering behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews.

A source says HBO has already had preliminary speaks about bringing a shortened, modified version to the Palouse, but nothing is official and no contracts have been signed.

Watch for HBO trucks rolling toward Wazzu sometime during the regular season.

However the first appearance for Washington State might be when the Cougs visit the Sun Devils in Tempe, October 12th.

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