A body that was found near Clarkston, WA along the Snake River is likely that of a 66-year-old man who disappeared while fishing in 2008.

The body was discovered March 21st, according to the Asotin County Sheriff's office and the Tri-City Herald.

Officials say Gary Thompson of Idaho disappeared while fishing on the Clearwater River in 2008. His boat was found, with the engine running, but he was missing.

Searches for Thompson failed to turn up anything, and he was removed from missing person's lists in 2014. Then the body was discovered, and a Moscow Idaho detective who knew the victim recalled he always wore a certain type of shoe, white tennis shoes.   A pair of such shoes were recovered with the body, along with car keys and a money clip.

Officials say the keys fit Thompson's Dodge pickup, and his wife identified the belongings as his. The body will still be sent to Seattle for further forensic testing, but the wife and officials are now convinced it is that of Thompson.

His body traveled quite a distance in the 9 years it was in the water, as the location of his body near Asotin was at least ten miles away from the confluence where the Clearwater joins the Snake River. Officials didn't say how far up the Clearwater River Thompson's boat was recovered in 2008.

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