We're hearing a lot about teachers vaccinations in WA state these days, in fact in some districts it's proving to be a sticking point for educators to return to the classroom.

However, Benton Franklin Health District Chief Medical Officer Dr. Amy Person this week said despite vaccinations, hybrid learning is here to stay.

It was a rather 'vague' sounding remark, but she told KEPR-TV that hybrid learning is here to stay even though teachers are getting vaccinated.

She said the vaccinations are more about making the educators comfortable being in the classroom with students and other staff. She said vaccinations don't mean students can return safely at full capcity as there are other limiting factors in classrooms.

She said at this time six foot distance is still needed, and even if all teachers get vaccinated that will not change present safety requirements. She did not elaborate on her statement, nor did she offer any timetable as to when normal school might return.

You may recall we reported earlier this week Washington state ranks 47th in percentage of students returning to class at 19.2 percent. Although other states are still using some forms of hybrid, Montana, Wyoming and others have 100% student returns. All children K-12 are back in class. Florida is at 99.9%, Idaho just over 70.

Oregon ranks even worse, 48th, at 12.2 percent.  It's likely that the states where student return rates are over 80-90 percent (which is quite a few) they are less likely to be utilizing six foot distancing or hybrid.

Despite pushes from the OSPI and Gov. Inslee, a number of teachers unions around the state are resistant to in person education. This includes the recent 'revolts' by the Seattle and Renton teachers unions, who defied their districts in returning to class orders.

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