Hellyeah are diving headfirst into the promotion of their third album ‘Band of Brothers.’ The boys shot the video for the title track this week and posted photos from the fiery set.

The band, featuring Mudvayne vocalist Chad Gray and Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul amongst its ranks, recruited David Brodsky to direct the vid. They bring the heat…literally.

There are nine images of the band members in what looks like a warehouse, knuckling down on their instruments while surrounded by flames.

There’s a couple of candid shots of the band preparing to shoot the clip, as well.

With all that pyro, Hellyeah certainly captured our attention and got us all kinds of excited about the final product.

‘Band of Brothers’ drops on June 5. When Loudwire spoke exclusively to Paul, he shared that the album is different than its two predecessors. “It’s about getting your groove on — that’s what we used to do,” the skinsman said. “The first two records were the chance to breathe and expand and do something we hadn’t done in our past and in our other bands. When you meld guys from Pantera, Mudvayne and Nothingface, this is what you get. It just honks.”

We’ll be getting our honk on on June 5, that’s for sure.

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