Click here for the full text of the Phase 2 and Phase 3 indoor fitness and training rules just released by the state.

These directives will officially be implemented this upcoming Monday, August 10, 2020, click here for the memo that went out from the Gov. Inslee.

During Phase 2 and Phase 3, only some specific group trainings will be allowed, but all individual indoor fitness and working out will be permitted as long as the new exercising distancing requirement is met: Instead of six feet, you must now be 300 square feet away from anyone else. For large facilities, occupancy is limited to 25% of the facility's occupancy limit, as determined by the fire code.

Occupancy and distancing requirements should be determined and posted for every room in the facility.

Everybody has to wear a mask. Face coverings are required when inside indoor fitness facilities.

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But here's the out, directly from the script: all patrons are to wear face coverings when inside indoor fitness facilities, except while engaged in strenuous exercise. Patrons who remove their cloth facial coverings to exercise must wear them at all other times, including immediately before and immediately after exercise.

There. That's all I need. Even though it's been proven wearing a mask does NOT decrease the levels of oxygen needed to exercise, just the thought of the mask dripping wet after 20 minutes was enough for me to probably stay away, but now, no excuses.

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Team sport recommendations stress getting together outside whenever possible, outdoor temporary structures should have no more than two walls to provide appropriate ventilation.

Pools, hot tubs and saunas are not part of Phase 2 or Phase 3 protocols at this time. Click here for information in this area of fitness when the time is applicable.

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