Ever since the Washington State Department of Licensing began to allow the sale and use of what are called 'vanity' or personalized license plates in1976, they've had to police what people put on them. Some of the actual "battles" fought between motorists and the state are pretty hilarious.

Courtesy of the website governmentattic.org, we have some examples of plates that were rejected.

One motorist, identified as Randall Larson of Lake Stevens, was able to register in 1976 and received the plate "FUBAR" for his vehicle, five years later, he obtained "FUBAR TOO" for his wife's car.  Then, in 2011, he received a letter of complaint from the Department of Licensing saying his plate was found to be objectionable. He explained FUBAR stands for Fun Unique Beautiful And Rare.  Most people these days think of something along the lines of the military phrase "F***ked Up Beyond All Recognition."

We don't know if Mr. Larson was able to keep his plate.

Another motorist told the DMV he wanted PORK as his vanity plate, because that's what his friends have called him for years, according to papers filed by Russel Sturm.

Another motorist named Julie Beckler of Spokane wanted to, in 2011, use the plate FMLYJLZ for family jewels. She explained that for most of her life, she's been called "Jules," and she and her husband thought it would be fun to have that on their license plate especially since they were going to be getting married soon.  Again we don't know if Julie will get to show everyone her Family Jewels.

If you ever come across a funny looking license plate, snap a picture and send it our way!

To see the actual paperwork and back-and-forth between motorists and the DMV, click here.