Hit Like A Girl 2012:The Contest For Female Drummers is officially open. This groundbreaking competition for female drummers is the brainchild of TRX Cymbals, DRUM!, and Tom Tom: A Magazine About Female Drummers. 

 I was in band back in the day, I played Clarinet but always wanted to switch to drums. At that time female drummers were unheard of. So my dreams of the best "Chick" drummer ever went by the wayside. I was pumped when I saw Hit like a girl 2012 on facebook  and I thought I've got to get the word out to all those women who rock the drums. So here you go Ladies it's your chance to shine and bang!

  • I was also impressed by the list of female drummer "Judges" like: Shelia E.,Kimberly Thompson, Jess Bowen, Susie Ibarra, Hannah Ford and Dawn Richardson. Not to mention the Grand Prize:
  • Crush Sublime Tour Maple 5-piece kit with M4 hardware
  • Six (6) TRX ICON cymbals
  • Twelve (12) pairs of Vater sticks and stick bag
  • $500 in Evans drumheads
  • SKB cases
  • Alfred instructional media
  • So ladies it's time to strut your stuff submit a video of yourself shredding on the drums! Good Luck