Yes, there is such a thing as a free ride and you can get a free ride with the Ben Franklin Transit on April 25th.

Ben Frankiln Transit is doing a "Get on Board" free ride day and it happens tomorrow.

What is "Get on Board" day?

It's a new national awareness day to highlight the benefits of public transportation.

Ben Franklin Transit is going to celebrate the day with free rides on their buses, Dial-A-Ride, and General Demand services. You don't even have to be a regular rider or customer, it's free to use for all.

Ben Franklin Transit wants to raise awareness on the community services available right here in the Columbia Basin.

Whether you normally ride public transportation or not, come give it a try and help us celebrate public transportation and the value it adds to our community!

You can contact Ben Franklin Transit and plan your trip at here and you can use their trip-planning tool or call Customer Service at 509.735.5100 for assistance.


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