There's still time to get out and about, wilderness, vacation etc.

But it's less fun if you can't have a campfire and s'more it up. Or cook those fish you caught etc.

The Grant County Fire Marshall has shared, on their new Facebook page, a website where you can get valuable information about what restrictions are in various camping areas around the region and state.

We're all pretty much under a burn ban, including agriculture, through September 30th statewide as we struggle with excessive heat. The snow and precip weren't too bad, but Mother Nature decided to melt a lot of it off and fry everyone with record temps.

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This website, from the Washington Department of FIsh and Wildlife, is FAR easier to navigate, locate information and stay informed than the one put up by the Department of Natural Resources, at least in our opinion.

You can see specific alerts, search for areas you may be heading to, and more. It also gives a little information as to WHY these restrictions are in place, and when they may end.

All in all, a pretty good tool.

And, they included this important bit of information, if you're thinking of camping out:

"...all WDFW-managed lands in Eastern Washington, including will be open for day use only, until further notice. "

That means, no overnight camping. Visit the site, if you're thinking about one last blast of getaway before fall.  There was also one more interesting tip posted at the site, when it comes to conduct in the wood, or wildlands:

  • "No welding or operating chainsaws, acetylene torches, or other open flame. "

The line about the torches kind of got our attention. Hmmm!


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