I've been watching "Survivor" since the very first season. For years I was REALLY into watching it and even created my own version of the show at the Benton-Franklin Fair. But lately I haven't been that into it. Last night was the season 28 premier and wasn't really planning on watching it. But I got home from work, turned it on, and sure enough, it grabbed me again.

I have a theory: to be hooked on these kinds of shows you need to watch at least one hour. One hour is not enough. If you happen to watch two hours, you're probably going to be hooked.

Last night the premier was a two-hour episode, and it wasn't until the second hour that I was, like, GRABBED. Now I'm stuck watching "Survivor" every Wednesday again.

This time there are three teams: Brains, Brawns and Beauty. Last night the The Brains tribe lost and had to vote someone out. So they held a public forum and TOLD HER they were voting her off. Then they left, and she poured all their food in the fire.

That's why you HAVE TO blindside people. It's protection. Because if you tell someone you want to get rid of them, why would they help you? Why wouldn't they seek revenge? They've got nothing to lose! Anyway, guess who got voted off: the dude whose idea it was to hold the open forum. I totally called it.

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