I love summertime! I love the sun and the really warm weather. When fall comes I hate it, because it is between warm and cold and it really cannot make up its mind. Well, Halloween is here and now it is time to have some spooky fun! Rob Zombie, ghouls, goblins, ghosts and the foul stench of fear is always in the air around Halloween!

Getting ready for Halloween is always fun as heck. I remember when I was about 13, everyone stopped wanting to dress up for Halloween. I couldn't believe it! Are we really too old at age 13 to dress up? Well, I didn't because no one else did.

But when I turned 18 and went to college, it was like being 5 again! Thank God! Everyone wanted to get back into their costumes! Certainly not the ones we wore at age 5, but the same concept. HECK YES!

Vampires, ghosts, goblins and even skeletons! I think I was every one of those before I stopped dressing up! Although, the older we get, the skimpier and sexier costumes come into effect!

Whatever you decide to dress up as, you will need some amazing music to go along with the process!

Here are my 16 favorite Halloween songs in the world. Even though it is September, you need to crank these up to get into the ghoulish spirit! I will for sure remind you right before Halloween!