TSM[/caption]We shared a few weeks ago that Iceman had fired his driver and had obtained a driver's license. He now has his "first car" -- a 1989 Chevy Blazer. This sweet ride (dare I say "chick magnet") has state-of-the-art luxury features you won't believe. Like a car phone (with a hands-free device by the sun shade. Eat your heart out VH-1.

Check out this "digital" stereo system with tape deck:

In addition to power windows and a separate stick for 4-wheel drive, this baby has high-tech air conditioning controls.

TSM[/caption]Digital dashboard! Just call me Night Rider.

TSM[/caption]This isn't actually high tech, it's just weird, so I took a picture.

TSM[/caption] No plastic on this made-in-America driving machine! Pure metal for 20-a-gallon monster!