An Idaho Falls building constructed more than 80 years ago that has provided stays for travelers, as well as long term occupancy for others, is rumored to also house something many believe to be paranormal. A small girl in the property's basement, and a male apparition on the third floor, are alleged to dwell in this historic Shoup Avenue location.

I have to admit, the falling leaves, cooler temperatures, and the fact Halloween is just six weeks away, has me feeling a tad inquisitive regarding Idaho's historic locations. I was in the process of doing some research the other day, and came across some information on the former Hotel Rogers, in Idaho Falls.

The hotel's construction ended in 1937, and the dwelling (known now as the Rogers Building) was owned by a man named B.M. Rogers, according to historic records. Famous people such as President Herbert Hoover, President Ronald Reagan, Bing Crosby, Gary Cooper and Roy Rogers are said to have stayed there. It's now primarily an apartment building, and from time to time brings paranormal investigators through its doors.

Over the years, the YouTube channel, "Ghostology," has shared videos of investigations. They have researched claims of a child that has been seen and heard in the Rogers Building basement, as well as captured a voice response on the third floor from an unknown entity that appears to be male.

The videos are, if nothing else, interesting. The 84-year-old property appears to have a fascinating history, and was at one point in time the crown jewel of Idaho Falls.

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