Social media has taken a toll on people’s emotions. It even sways political opinions. When someone posts something on Facebook and it goes viral, the source of that post now has mad credibility. A person like me, I just laugh.

But how does one laugh on social media now? The old standby, “LOL,” is apparently going out of style.

There are tons of different icons you could use. The happy face, the sad face, the happy face that is crying, the sad face that is crying, the thumbs up sign, the red angry face, etc. I really do not use any of those. When I am seriously laughing so hard I am about to pee my pants I do this, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” When one is being stupid and they sound stupid in their post I do this, “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” I rarely use “LMFAO” or “LOL” or even “FML!”

A recent Facebook poll found that “LOL” is so 2010. I am bummed out because I thought I was one of the few that used “HA!” Facebook, however, says that it is the majority now. Crap! I need to find another way of expressing laughter and sarcasm on social media! GDI! Figure that one out! “HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!”

So how do YOU show you’re laughing online? Tell us in the comments below.

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