I'm a big fan of snacks. Snacking during the day helps keep me from binging on huge meals. And, to be honest, I LOVE snacking while watching TV. However, finding healthy snacks that are also affordable has been a challenge. I'm sorry, there are only so many kale chips I can handle before I lose my mind! So, I decided to try out Graze. They're one of those boxes that you get sent to your house. I was skeptical, but honestly, ended up LOVING them!

When you go to the site you can pick what things you like and don't like. I'm a big wimp when it comes to spicy things, so I chose to not have those added to my pack, and I don't like cashews, so another little thing I took out. You can choose how often you want to get shipments and what the size of the shipment. When I got the package I loved that there wasn't a lot of waste (the shipping material is minimal and recyclable), and that each little snack has its nutrition and calorie info right on the pack. But really, it was all about the taste! SO YUMMY!

Check out the photos below of my first pack, and if you and your family are snackers, I definitely recommend them. Also, I didn't get paid for this I just wanted to give them a shout because they really are good (I've tried others that are terrible). So take a look and if you feel a snack attack, I give a thumbs up to Graze! 👍


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