I dig ^that^ old picture of Incubus with Brandon rockin' some sort of Dilbert looking tie! Check this out, a rad contest where you could win the opportunity to meet the band at one of the shows on their upcoming and yet to be announced 2011 tour.

Incubus wants you to cover a song from their upcoming album titled 'If Not Now, When?'...but they want you to do it without even hearing the original song.

Head over to enjoyincubus.com where the band is running a contest where you can download the sheet music to a song called "Promises, Promises". Record your own version and then submit a video to YouTube or an audio-only version to SoundCloud. Get the sheet music and throw down your own version of the song...get creative with it. Hell, if I could read sheet music or even play a real instrument,  I would definitely make my own!

The new Incubus album 'If Not Now, When?' is due out on July 12th.