It comes with a veritable laundry list of requirements, but at least a green light has been given for residential and commercial construction to continue.

Friday morning, Gov. Inslee announced a resumption of what he referred to as "low-risk" construction, provided certain criteria are met.

Here's what the Governor lined out in his release, that businesses must do or have at the sites:

  • one site decontamination ability
  • sanitation
  • symptom monitoring
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)
  • social distancing.

Inslee said about the move:

“We have been working toward this measure for some time and this work has allowed us to create a very comprehensive safety plan because we are thinking of everyone involved in construction."

Construction firms will have to develop and post at the site their plans for how they will keep their workers safe, and only work that can be done with social distancing is allowed.

It is not known how these will be enforced but it's likely construction companies will be scrambling to get their operations moving fast.

As for the rest of the state, the non-essential businesses remain closed. No word if Inslee will follow Oregon's lead, as Gov. Brown announced their elective surgical ban will end May 1, and includes opening dental practices.

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