“I urge the governor to reconsider his mandate requiring students, teachers, and school personnel in all school districts across the state to wear masks.”

That line is part of a letter sent to Gov. Inslee by Washington State House Republican Caucus Leader Joe Schmick (9th District Colfax) on Tuesday.

Schmick, along with 8 other GOP legislators including 8th District Rep Matt Boehnke, said more weight and control needs to be given to local districts and school boards when it comes to such policies.

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Gov. Inslee has mandated that all students K-12 will have to wear masks when they return to school this fall, including teaches and staff--regardless of their vaccination status.

One of the points the legislators made as outlined in the letter:

"Masks take away from students being able to learn effectively, especially when it comes to younger students learning to read. Teachers use their mouths to show how to make the sounds of different combinations of letters, which students then repeat. Teachers can see which students are getting it and which ones are struggling. This exercise of “sounding it out” is vital and unlocks a world of words and knowledge. As it is well known, literacy is crucial to the future success of a child. Masks interrupt learning, speech and language development, and can also further isolate students who are already struggling."

Schmick pointed out in the Governor's proclamation that student and parental choice must be respected. However, the only choice for parents and students who do not to or cannot follow the mask mandate is to homeschool.

He said students and parents' sacrifice must end. For a link to the story and the actual letter, click on the button below.


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