Author note: The Facebook page appears to have been deleted.

A new Facebook page named "Chick-Fil-A Richland, Washington" has people buzzing in the Tri-Cities.

The page was started in March and has only made one post so far. It's a header image that says "The countdown begins." No website, phone number, or any important contact information is listed on the page's bio. The images have all been uploaded seemingly yesterday, (March 21.)

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Currently, the franchise only has one pending restaurant opening in Washington, all the way in Renton. The two closest stores to Tri-Cities are in Spokane and Puyallup. You can see the list of future openings for yourself on the company's website. I tried calling the corporate office to see if they knew anything about the Facebook page. My call was met by an automated message that kept directing me to the Q&A portion of their website.

Chick-Fil-A made our list of restaurants we want to see open in Tri-Cities, with at least one reader alleging one was already coming. I was unable to verify this. In 2019, when rumors circulated about the restaurant expanding in Tri-Cities, the company shot it down.

Back to the Facebook page, however. Some comments have suggested if the page builds up popularity, it would change its name and then attempt to cash in on the new userbase by selling products.

While I certainly hope to see a Chick-Fil-A come to Richland or any one of the Tri-Cities, I won't hold my breath until I see something more concrete. Like, an actual concrete Chick-Fil-A building, for example.

Speaking of Chick-Fil-A, would you like to see any of these other restaurants move to Tri-Cities?

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