I've been pretty obsessed with food for the past few weeks. I love Tri-Cities and I'm always finding good food here. But sometimes, I want more.

What does the foodscape look like? Well, we have as many fast-food restaurants as any mid-sized metro could need. We have a lot of region-specialized mom & pop restaurants. We have a lot of chains that specialize in dining. We have a lot of amazing food trucks.

But what about those days when you want something quick and greasy? When it comes to burgers in the Tri-Cities, we're somewhat limited. We have a couple of Tri-Cities-based chains that are good. We have a couple of restaurants where you can pick it up and go. We even have ghost kitchens that will deliver it to you. But we mostly have mega-chains or places where you have to sit down and order it.

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I have never understood ordering a burger from a sit-down, somewhat fancy restaurant. I want to order that burger to-go! I want to take that burger bird-watching or dog-spotting or skateboarding. But I don't love Big Macs that way.

I'm looking for something that's quick but fresh, tasty but inexpensive, something that I can't have because it's not here. I'm talking about regional chains. These restaurants grow and expand, but so slowly that they're still a rarity. There's a myth to them. There's a lust for them. Maybe it's a case of the grass feeling greener in California or Texas, but I think Tri-Cities would be thrilled to have these restaurants open up in town.

5 Regional Fast Food Chains Tri-Cities Needs

As Tri-Cities keeps growing, we've seen more fast-food chains bring their food into our community. But we'd be lying if we said we didn't want a few more to set up shop down the street. Chicken sandwiches, sliders, deep-dish pizza; we'll take it all. These are the regional joints we can't wait to welcome with open mouths.

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