I've got really conflicting feelings about plans to build a new bridge to connect Duportail Road in Richland. It would bridge "old Richland" with Queensgate and the rest of "new Richland" as well as West Richland. But should Pasco, Kennewick (and the rest of Washington state) be asked to pay for it?

I support the bridge. It's ridiculous you have to hop on the freeway just to get from one side of the Yakima River to the other. I can't imagine how annoying it is to interstate travelers to be battling with all those cars hopping on only to go a half mile.

But Richland city is asking for tens of millions from the state to pay for it. That means money that might otherwise go toward repairing roads and fixing old bridges all over the state will be used to connect old Richland with new Richland. Why should someone in Pasco, let along Issaquah, have to pay for that.