If you’re feeling down about your completely un-handicapped self and your fully functional legs not wanting to work out, this very inspiring skateboarding video should make you feel even worse.

Italo Romano of Brazil has been in love with skateboarding from a very young age. When he was 13, however, a train accident took away both of his legs. That didn’t stop him from chasing his dream. Dude advanced to the semi-finals at the  Tampo Pro 2012 contest in Florida.

According to UK’s Metro, he has traveled the world to showcase his unique shredding skills. He’s also rated as “one of the best in the business.”

More importantly, he’s one class act, according to his photographer Richard Porva who has dedicated his life’s work to letting the world know of his inspiring existence.

He has a big heart and soul and is so funny, all the day smiling. I wanted to photograph him and show the world what a talent he has.

We get pissed when the elevator’s down in a two story building. That’s some serious #NonHandicappedProblems.

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[Via Heavy]

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