How many rolls of toilet paper does your household use per week? I think we use easily six rolls or more and now Charmin is offering up a "Forever" roll of TP that's going to go on and on and on and it's REAL!

It's called the "Forever" roll and it's legit!

Charmin is selling the gigantic rolls of toilet paper with a special holder to keep your roll from tumbling over.

The whole purpose is to ensure that you have plenty of toilet paper for the go and think about how many trips to the grocery store you'll save by getting the "Forever" roll.

The roll is intended to last a month for one person but they also have multi-user rolls as well and Charmin is selling start-up kits on their website.

If you buy the 3-pack to get you started, you get the free TP holder with it for only $29.99!

You can get more details and start shopping here! 


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