Thanks to Justin Cargill from Island View Disc Golf

How long has disc golf been around?

Since 1970.

What got you interested in it? What do you like about it?

I own a pro-shop, Island View Disc Golf.

Where can you do it around here?

Columbia Park, Two Rivers Park and soon, Judge John Lawless Park.

Do the courses cost money?

Not in our area. Everything is free.

Can you use Frizbees or do you need the specialized discs?

You really actually do need the specialized discs. You're looking at a difference of 100 versus 400 yards throwing distance.

What equipment would you recommend for someone who just wants to try it out? How much should they invest just to go try it once or twice and see if they like it?

You'd get about $40 in. You need a putter, midrange, and a driver.

If someone really likes it, what is the full set – the full ‘golf bag’?

I have a bag, 18-20 discs. Drivers are stable (meaning they veer left), or under stable (right).

Do you need an appointment to show up to a course?


If people are already playing, how do you jump in and start without getting in their way?

Everyone is pretty cool and down to hang. You can just jump in. It's like a crazy little hippie community.

Are there any competitions coming up that would be good to watch people who are really good, or even jump in and compete as a novice?

Windy River Open is in April (see here in the Tri-Cities.They have skill levels for Children, Women Intermediate, Advanced, and Pro.

What is the age range for this sport? Can a 3-year-old do it? What about an 83-year-old?

Technically, 5 to 85. But players aged 8 to 50 would play more regularly.

Can you play year-round or is it seasonal?

You can play year-round.

Is there a website that explains the rules and basic techniques easily?


Is it possible to take disc golf lessons?

You can approach a pro or advanced player and learn from them in the park.

You can check out the Columbia River Disc Golf Club.


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