With kids back in class, police around the Tri-Cities region are reminding drivers to slow down. It's a $237 fine if you're caught driving too fast in school zones.

"They are marked with flashing beacons. The speed limit is 20 miles per hour. When you're planning to leave, give yourself a few extra minutes to get to work." Kennewick Police Commander Christian Walters said.

Also, school buses have returned to their routes. Maintain a following distance of at least three car lengths and know when to stop.

The fine is $394 if you're caught violating any of the rules in the following diagram.

attachment-bus safety1
attachment-bus safety2

And while drivers should refrain from any sort of distracted driving, it's a good idea for parents to talk to their kids about being aware of their surroundings.

"Don't be focused on cell phones especially when crossing the street. Make sure to make eye contact with drivers when they stop for the crosswalks just to make sure they are stopping," Commander Walters added. "Most of the crosswalks in the school zones are manned with safety flaggers, so please, for everybody using the crosswalks, make sure to follow their instructions."

Additionally, a number of teenagers will be driving to school for the first time. There are a number of rules they have to follow as well.

"One of the things with their immediate license is not having passengers. Students and young adults need to follow those intermediate driving rules. If you don't and you get caught, you will lose your license. So, it's definitely not worth it." Commander Walters said.

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8 Important Washington State Back-to-School Safety Tips

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