Grant County Deputies and the Washington State Patrol were busy late Wednesday night, searching for a dangerous mental patient who had escaped an ambulance he was being transported in.

  The man was able to slip out of his restraints

GCSO officials issued a final update around 3 AM Thursday morning. The man was being transported from Spokane to Wenatchee for mental healthcare purposes. But, around 9 PM, near the Grant-Douglas County line, he was able to work his way out of his restraints. The ambulance pulled over and the man fled.

The ambulance crew was not injured, it is not known if the man threatened them. He then walked back over into Grant County near State Route 28 and Crescent Bar Road, where he broke into a home. WSP troopers assisting in the search around 11 PM noticed the broken windows in the home, which was surrounded.

Then, around 2 AM, Officers and a K-9 entered the home and found the man hiding inside. He was captured without incident, and Douglas County Deputies finished the transport to the mental health facility in Wenatchee.

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Fortunately, the owners of the home were away when the man broke in. The GCSO said the man had a long history of mental health issues, including threats and attempts to harm others, making his capture a top priority.

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