A controversial bill that will be signed soon by Governor Inslee will allow automated traffic cameras to issue tickets to law enforcement officers responding to emergencies.

   Bill passed the legislature along party lines

According to information from MyNorthwest.com, ESHB (enhanced House Bill) 2384 passed 55-38.

The original version of the bill, which the House approved on February 12th, would allow cities and counties to utilize automated safety cameras, although primarily in work areas. The cameras would be utilized for periods up to 30 days, and only be working workers would be present.

However, the bill was reworked by the Senate Transportation Committee and Democrat Senator Marko Liias, the Chair, rewrote it and added some criteria.

According to MyNorthwest.com:

"The original version of Liias’ rewrite said speeding infractions could be issued to any type of law enforcement vehicle, fire engine or ambulance. Fire engines and ambulances were removed from the final rewrite, but law enforcement vehicles responding with lights and sirens can still be ticketed."

The bill mandates that cities and counties post information about the cameras on their websites, roadside signage for these cameras must be visible to drivers, and the maximum fine for violations can't exceed $145.

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Opponents of the bill say it's nothing more than a money grab, and they say since Police are the ones who review automated traffic cam footage, will they be the ones writing themselves a speeding ticket?


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