Area near where men were found (Google street view)
Area near where men were found (Google street view)

The Grant County Sheriff's Office called the two deaths, "suspicious" so did Warden Police.

 Two men were found dead inside a home in Warden

The investigation continues into the late-night discovery of two younger men inside a home in Warden, about 60 miles north and west of Tri-Cities, not far from Moses Lake.

The Grant County Sheriff's Office sent deputies to 508 South Ash Street for a report of two men found dead inside the home.

The Warden Police Department was first on the scene and found two men in their 20s inside the home.

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Both men apparently lived there, the GCSO says there were no initial signs of foul play but did not release any other details.

More information is expected to be released as the investigation continues.

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