Perhaps it's a coincidence, perhaps not.

Thursday's launch of six new missile-tracking satellites by the US Department of Defense's Space Force comes at a time when Russia said to have a new threat to satellites.

   Six new satellites went up Thursday from Florida

 The Department of Defense (DOD) announced the six units were put up in a combined effort with the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) and Space Development Agency (SDA) are part of what is called the  Proliferated Warfighter Space Architecture (PWSA).

That means they will greatly add to the US capability to detect missile launches virtually anywhere in the world, almost instantly.

According to the DOD:

"Operationally, the missile defense capability, developed through MDA's HBTSS demonstration program, will inform SDA's PWSA and will detect hypersonic, ballistic, and other advanced threats earlier than terrestrial radars, providing hypersonic threat tracking data for hand off through linked missile defense weapons."

It appears they will also have fire-control tracking and be capable of helping guide US missile defense capability. This is part of the US Space Force, and these programs were initiated in 2018.

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These launches come at a time when US officials say there is new information about a potential Russian threat to satellites in space. Fox News reported Russian nuclear capabilities could threaten satellites orbiting the earth, including US military and communications orbiters. Officials say the threat has not likely been deployed but say the capability is reportedly there.

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