West Richland suspect (WRPD)
West Richland suspect (WRPD)

West Richland Police are seeking to ID this suspect.

  Man allegedly stuffs pockets full of alcohol bottles.

Police are seeking to ID and locate this man, who allegedly made off with quite a bit of booze.

Around 1:18 AM last Friday, February 3rd, the man entered the Circle C store at 6255 Keene Road and was seen on security cameras loading his pockets with various bottles of alcohol.

WRPD did not say if he purchased any other items, it appears he might have given him standing at the register.

The man then left in the vehicle pictured in our story. A bit surprising the bottles didn't 'clink' inside his jacket, given most of them were glass. Kind of like someone who tries to smuggle alcohol into a movie theater, and their jacket makes a clinking sound.

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Anyone who knows this man, or has information, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.


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