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According to the latest data from AAA, WA state gas prices have remained about the same, while other states saw drops for the July 4 holiday.

WA State's average did go down almost 1 cent

Last week, AAA data showed the state's average price for a gallon of unleaded gas was $4.981,  this week (Wednesday, July 5th) it's $4.979.

The state average comes from reports in all 39 counties, based on their average price. There are a lot of locations for less than $4.97, but not all metro areas see that.

San Juan County remains the highest, while Asotin County is still the lowest.

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However, some states saw significant price slides heading into July 4.  AAA reports Arizona saw its prices drop (on average) as much as 16 cents, while the drop was 11 cents in Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. Other states recorded similar drops.

As for the cheapest markets, AAA  data shows the following data for cheapest markets:

  • "The nation’s top 10 least expensive markets: Mississippi ($2.97), Louisiana ($3.08), Alabama ($3.10), Tennessee ($3.10), Arkansas ($3.11), South Carolina ($3.17), Texas ($3.18), Oklahoma ($3.22), Georgia ($3.23) and North Carolina ($3.25)."

With two more carbon credit auctions coming before the end of the year in WA state, many experts believe we will rise above $5.00 per gallon and stay there for some time.

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