According to legislative chatter going into the beginning of the short, or off-year legislative session in WA state today, some elected officials are floating an idea that is currently not legal in WA state.

   Some legislators hinting at passing laws to create DUI checkpoints

The Center Square reported over the weekend that Democratic Senator Marko Liias, who chairs the Senate Transportation Committee hinted at sobriety checkpoints.

According to The Center Square Liias said:

“What we’ve done to date is not having the impact we want."

He was referring to increased emphasis patrols and stiffening of DUI laws over the last few years. He said that in response to being asked about automated cameras and sobriety or DUI checkpoints in high ticket areas.

He also said:

“On speed enforcement and automated enforcement we need to bring the public along with us and move forward slowly and expeditiously.”

The Washington State Supreme Court not long ago ruled that such random checkpoints are unconstitutional, multiple legal defense websites and sources also say DUI checkpoints are against the law in WA. However, they are utilized in some states.

Last session legislators did get Senate Bill 5272 which goes into effect this July 1st, which allows the use of automated speed-enforcement cameras, especially in or near construction zones.

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Liias hinted if Gov. Inslee, in his final term, pushes for increased use of automated cameras to save lives, then it might be worth looking into, according to The Center Square.

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