What are the Millennial Slang Terms that you still find yourself using today?

I’m reminded of a line from Grandpa Simpson whenever I hear something like this.

Homer and Barney were talking about ‘Rockin’ out’ and how Homer’s dad, Abe, isn’t with ‘it’.

Abe (Grandpa) Simpson fired back the line; I’ve found myself using quite often as I’ve gotten older.

I used to be with IT. Then they changed what IT was. Now what I’m with isn’t IT, and what’s IT seems weird and scary to me! And it’ll happen to you!”.

Reddit user methodwriter85 brought up the question about millennial slang terms, and I was surprised by how many I use.

George Washington with glasses. The word woot by his head

Dunzo” – meaning ‘it’s done’.

Rager” – meaning a ‘big party’.

Sick” – meaning ‘awesome’.


This then got me going down the rabbit hole of hip slang terms. (NOTE… ‘Hip’ is not ‘hip’ anymore).

Dope” – meaning ‘awesome’.

My Bad” – meaning ‘it was my fault or mistake’.

Tight” – meaning ‘cool’ or ‘alright’.

Woot” – Meaning ‘yay’ or ‘cool’.

Cool Beans” – Just ignore the beans part.


The one word that seems like everyone still uses and loves is the “D” word… DUDE!
It was even suggested as the “F” word of clean words!

You can use it for excitement, disappointment, in awe, and it’s inclusive.


Some of these slang terms I'm sure were used before the millennial generation, but if it's that good to span generations, then more power to it!

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