Motley Crue singer Vince Neil's solo set was cut short at his Saturday (Sept. 23) performance at this year's Oklahoma State Fair due to an active shooter in a nearby area on the fair grounds.

"At a concert in Oklahoma City Crazy night last night. 3/4 of the way thru [sic] the set people started running, We we're [sic] told to get i dressing room. There were shooters shooting people. Thank you fans for your understanding," Neil shared on X (formerly Twitter), following up with a note that he and the band were "all okay." He urged others at the fair to "please stay safe" as well.

At the time of the shooting, the singer was performing on the Chickasaw Country Entertainment Stage, located over 100 yards from the Bennett Event Center where the incident took place.

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Why the Oklahoma State Fair Shooting Happened

In a video news report by Oklahoma City's KOCO 5, police Capt. Valerie Littlejohn states, "There was an altercation that occurred in the Bennett Event Center between two groups of people. One person pulled out a gun or produced a gun and fired a shot at another person. At the time, there was one shooting victim that was transported to a local hospital in critical condition."

Capt. Littlejohn notes that the shooting occurred "just before 9PM" and, regarding other related casualties, explains, "There were a few other people that were reported with injuries, probably due to the chaos and the crowd leaving the fair as quickly as possible.""

It has also been reported that secondary gunfire also occurred and Capt. Littlejohn says, "There was another incident with another person that had fired off some rounds into the air."

Firearms are prohibited on fairgrounds, according to police, and metal detectors and security were both on-site.

Have Any Suspects Been Arrested?

The night of the shooting, two suspects had been arrested by police. A handgun was found on one of the suspects and a police investigation was working to determine if this is the same firearm that was used in the shooting.

The names of these suspects have not been released and, as reported by ABC News, one of the suspects was released while the other was charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

“It was an isolated incident between two groups of juveniles,” Scott Munz, a spokesman for the Oklahoma City Fair, tells Oklahoma City's KFOR News 4.

Police Give Details About Oklahoma State Fair Shooting

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