Being a DJ is a wonderful thing. The fun we have and the people are always a good time. The money isn't always good, but it is very fulfilling to make people smile and play all kinds of music for them. Playing music from a disc comes from somewhere in the early 1900s -- like 1906 I think. But the first man to use the phrase "disc jockey" was Walter Winchell, who was a newspaper reporter and radio commentator. He used the words then and they've stuck until this day.

Now DJ has several meanings, but they all stem from music -- from being on the radio to scratching vinyls on opposite sides to create a different sound. No matter what kind of DJ it is, it will always involve music. God bless the DJ.

Tom Petty wrote a fantastic tune in 2002 that got a lot of hype. Some radio stations around the U.S. banned the song as they said it was "anti-radio." To me, it is just a fantastic tune.

Petty told Jim DeRogatis that the song is a story "about a D.J. in Jacksonville, Fla., who became so frustrated with his inability to play what he wanted that he moved to Mexico and got his freedom back. The song is sung by a narrator who's a fan of this D.J. [from WIKI]


Happy Disc Jockey Day to all of us and rock on!

Here's Tom Petty and "The Last DJ"