Earl Thomas of the Seattle Seahawks gave his own bench the universal sign of displeasure, the one gun salute, half a piece sign....the finger....as he was being carted off the field with a broken leg at Arizona.

Meantime a New York Jets running back simulates wiping his ass with the football before tossing it into the stands, and it lands him a dude wipe deal.

Life in the NFL.

Isaiah Crowell turned his butt-wiping touchdown celebration from a couple of weeks ago into an endorsement deal...with a company called Dude Wipes. He's now promoting  the, ahem, crap out it, on social media.

You see Crowell used to play in Cleveland....for four seasons as a matter of fact, and after scoring for the Jets against his old team, for the fans in Cleveland, he pretended to wipe his backside with the football and then toss it into the crowd. He was immediately flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct and attracted the serious ire of Head Coach Todd Bowles.

It's unclear what he meant by it . . . if anything . . . I mean, it probably wasn't a deeply symbolic gesture.  But it turned out to be a sound business decision.

Apparently, he got a deal with a flushable wipes company called Dude Wipes and hopefully Dude Wipes pays well, because Isaiah was also fined $13,369 by the NFL . . . and despite his boasting, the Browns had the last laugh.  Later in the game, the Jets became the first team to be defeated by the Browns in 635 days. 

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